My Little Victory: The $100K in 5 Days Project 

By  Omari Broussard

My Little Victory: The $100K in 5 Days Project

There are many lessons to be learned as an aspiring business owner. In my case I find my learning everyday.

One thing I’ve learned is, as business owners, we tend to overlook the small victories in our career. I also learned that the story of the victories can serve as lessons of hope to others.

One such victory I tend to overlook is the first time I was involved with a project that resulted in over $100,000.00 in 5 days. Up until this point I’ve heard the stories, read the blog posts, and saw the Facebook Ads in my newsfeed.

At some level I knew it was possible, but you don’t really believe it until you see it happen…

Today I’m going to walk you through the project. My goal is two-fold…

  1. You get some ideas on how you can implement the strategy and tactics in your own business
  2. You build your belief level. It takes work and it’s not easy, however the fact remains online business is real.

The Back Story…

It was the fall of 2017, I had just been let go from a deal that was pretty damn good in my book, but things didn’t work out as I had hoped. Bottom line I found myself with no income, no work, and stressed to the max.

I attended a networking event hosted by my now business partner, Andrew O’Brien. Andrew, saw through my facade of looking like everything was great and asked me out to lunch so we could chat. During lunch I explained my situation and he listened.

Next networking event, Andrew introduced me to a guy who happens to be one of the top copywriters in the game. For sake of confidentiality we’ll call him Mike.

About a week later Mike hit me up on FB Messenger and said he had a possible project for me to work on. After some back and forth we agreed to work together.

When he laid out the project I was shocked! The client happened to be someone I had been following since the mid-90s. I happened to have copies of the client’s DVDs in my closet.

In the back of my mind I was thinking this was the big break I had been waiting for. Finally, the chance to prove I was a legit marketer.

The Client

Although I can’t name the client, I will tell you what he brought to the table…

Let me digress for a second. I had always heard its easier to get results for clients that are established and have a proven product/service. This is true! Working with start-ups is hard and the results are more hit and miss. With a client that has some traction you can get some major wins in a very short amount of time.

Okay back to the story…

So, the client wanted to launch his on-line training platform to his past and current clients. No cold traffic. No paid ads. Just an email list.

Not having to get new customers cut out a major hurdle. Getting strangers to become customers is pretty much the most difficult and expensive thing in business. Its super-important to build a list that you have a relationship with.

Another thing we had working in our favor is the client was recognized as an authority in his niche. He had bestselling books, media feature on major outlets like Fox, CBS, and more. When it came to pedigree, he had all the pieces to the puzzle.

Okay on to the offer

The Offer

If you’ve been following for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard me talk about the difference between selling a product/service vs. selling an offer. I’ll go more in-depth on how you can create an irresistible offer but for now I’ll share a video by Russell Brunson (its a good explanation)

The client’s offer included:

  • Video training
  • Bonus video training
  • Monthly calls
  • Facebook group
  • Live event tickets
  • And access to all future training updates

As you can see from the list, he was offering more than just video training. At the price point we were asking, the customers were getting crazy value.

The Strategy

Our strategy was simple. Re-engage the list with four training videos. The training videos would lead into a live webinar. The webinar would announce the offer to access the virtual training platform.

We modeled the Product Launch Formula (created by Jeff Walker). Jeff’s PLF is one of the staple strategies for launching a new product. You can grab a copy of his book, “Launch” on Amazon (highly recommended).

Now that we had our strategy nailed down it was time to get to work.


The Work

You may hear about big internet marketing launches resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. What you may not have heard, is the amount of work it takes to even have the chance to get the results.

It took us about three and half months to get to everything built out. Below is a list of asset we used for the launch:

  • A 65 page sales letter
  • A survey email (got 1300 responses)
  • 4 promo emails leading to 4 training videos
  • 1 webinar
  • 8 emails during the open cart and closed cart

As far as the software tools we used:

  • Infusionsoft for the emails
  • Clickfunnels for the funnel build
  • Webinarjam for the live webinar

The hardest part of the whole thing was writing the copy and nailing down a good offer. The survey and the client’s previous offers helped out a lot.

Also, you probably noticed we didn’t need a ton of tools to execute the launch. If you have a responsive list, a smoking offer, and some decent copy you can make magic happen.

The Launch

After all the assets were in place it was time to launch. Of course we were paid a visit from everyone’s favorite person, “Murphy”. Yes, when there is a chance for something to go wrong, most likely things will go wrong.

We had our fill of tech issues, which is normal for these types of launches. The most nerve wracking incident occurred on the live webinar. We had 600 people from around the world on the webinar and of course we were victim to what I like to call, the “Webinar Tech-Jam”. However, we overcame the tech glitches and pressed forward.

Then, it was time to open the cart…

The night before open cart, Mike and I were up until 4 am putting the final touches on everything. Frankly, we were just praying this thing we had worked on for over three months would work.

At around 9 am the open cart email was sent. I had to catch a plane to California for another project. After getting off the plane I was glued to my phone.

First few hours…


End of the first day…


By Day 4…

Over $60,000.00

Day 5


DAMN! We missed $100,000 by $3000…but…

Come to find out Clickfunnels didn’t record the all the sales on its stats. During our team debrief I found we actually did around $130,000.00

WTF! So, this is how these things work.

So there you have it

My experience in building a $100,000 funnel

Lessons Learned

After it was all over…and I got my check (which wasn’t too bad), I started to wonder, “How did we do it?”

Here were some key points:

  1. We had a client with a large list of raving fans.
  2. We had an offer that was irresistible to the list.
  3. The content and copy resonated with the list.

If there is anything I’ve learned about marketing it comes down to three things: The List, The Offer, The Message (Copy/Content). If you have all three (with a little bit of luck) you have a winning combination.

On the other hand, if you’re wondering why you can’t sell your product/service…take a look at your list, offer, and copy.

Well that’s the story of my one victory as a marketer. Let me be very clear, this story or anything mentioned in this story DOES NOT represent a claim that if you follow what I say you’ll get the same results…this is purely information based on my experience. (Like that Disclaimer ;-))

Since then I’ve had other wins, but this one is special because its the one that showed me its possible. Now you know it’s possible.


Omari Broussard
Founder, 10X Strategies Consulting Group
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