An Experiment — The Growth Marketing Hot Sheet 

By  Omari Broussard

An Experiment — The Growth Marketing Hot Sheet

What you’re about to read is an experiment…

I had an idea to write a monthly print newsletter. Like most ideas, this one got away from me.

It’s called the “Growth Marketing Hot Sheet”.

The premise of the newsletter was to provide business owners with actionable strategies and tactics to grow a business.

I sent the newsletter to a few people and they loved it, but as you know just because a select few liked it, doesn’t mean the masses will…

So, enough with the introduction…Enjoy the newsletter!

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Welcome to the Growth Marketing Hot Sheet! (June 2018)

I created the Growth Marketing Hot Sheet to be easy to consume and highly actionable.

Some issues will deep dive into step-by-step tactics.

Some issues will be packed with marketing strategies.

At the end of the day, each Hot Sheet is designed to help you move your business forward (and make you Money!)

Enjoy this issue of the Growth Marketing Hot Sheet…

Transform Your Customers…

One of the most important things to do in marketing before you start paying for advertising is to be able to articulate the value of your product or service.

The question you need to pose to yourself is…

“How does my product or service transform the customer?”

Most products and services solve a problem…

The most successful products and services transform the customer from an undesirable before state to a desirable after state.

For each of your products and services, you want to clearly explain the transformation your customer will experience because they invested in your product/service.

The Before and After Grid is a framework used to map out and discover the true value of your products/services.

See attached “Before and After” Grid (Appendix A)

Below you’ll find a link to a short video presentation on how to implement the Before and After Grid in your business.


I recommend you do it immediately (after you finish reading the rest of the Hot Sheet of course;)

*WARNING: You must have a documented Customer Avatar before doing the Before and After Grid*

Seven cardinal rules of 80/20 Sales and Marketing (Part One)…

Early in my marketing career the book, “80/20 Sales and Marketing,” by Perry Marshall was recommended to me. I’ve read the book probably about three times, but this fourth time there were some parts of the book that really stuck out to me.

In this Hot Sheet I’m only going to cover The Seven Cardinal Rules of an 80/20 Sales Pro, because I think so many business owners are confused with how they should acquire customers.

Not only do these rules apply to sales people, they also apply to business owners who are having some issues with creating a filter for customer acquisition.

Whether you’re selling online or offline these rules will apply to you.

Also, by following the Seven Cardinal Rules you put yourself in the best position to have customers coming to you instead of you chasing customers.

Here we go…

1. No Cold Calling. Ever. You should attempt to sell only to warm leads.

Prospective customers avoid non-soliciting calls like the plague. If your number one strategy for acquiring customers is cold calling, you’ll be waiting for the first customer for a while.

That’s not to say cold calling doesn’t work, but it is frustrating and can suck a lot of energy out of your day.

“People like to buy from people they Know, Like and Trust.”

With social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it’s easier than ever to develop some level of relationship with your prospective customers before presenting an offer.

Let’s take a quick moment to identify the 3 types of leads:

  • Cold leads are people who have no idea who you are.
  • Warm leads are people who know of you and your business.
  • Hot leads are your past and current customers.

The task of getting new customers is a lot easier with warm leads (people who know of you and like you). And, warm leads are more likely to give you money!

2. Before you try to sell anything, you must know how much you’re willing to pay to get a new customer.

One of the first questions I ask new clients prospective clients is…

“How much does it cost you to acquire new customer?”

It sad to say that 90% of people who ask for my strategy services do not know that number (Of course once they attend a session we figure it out).

If you don’t know the cost to acquire a new customer, then you really don’t know how much you can spend in marketing.

Once you know how much it cost to acquire customer, now you can shift from having marketing costs to investing in marketing.

Remember this:

“The one who can spend the most to acquire a customer Wins!”

3. A prospect who “finds” you first is more likely to buy from you than if you find him/her.

A prospect who finds you is looking for you to solve their problem. There is very little convincing that needs to happen when someone seeks you out to help them. It also gives you and your company more leverage is the authority in the space versus the hired hand.

If you’ve ever had someone refer a customer to you, then you’ve experienced the easiest sale there can be.

The person referred normally doesn’t need much convincing since they already have most of the information they need to make a buying decision.

However, if you have to chase (or hunt) down a customer you’ve most likely experience the agony of spending hours, days, or weeks convincing them to your product or service is the right decision.

The key is the set up various marketing campaigns that attract your ideal customer to you, making sales process easier and more enjoyable.

[But WAIT! There’s more…Look out for Part Two in the next issue…]

The $2000 book recommendation…

One of the members of our Facebook group asked the group a question on how he could get more sales. He claimed to have enough leads, but his major problem was converting those leads into sales.

After having a quick one-on-one Q&A through Facebook messenger I was able to get down to his real issue.

Bottom line…

He needed to learn sales.

It just so happened the day the question came in I attended a brief workshop by gentlemen named, Matthew Pollard (The Rapid Growth Guy), who talked about his book “The Introvert’s Edge”. The Introvert’s Edge is a book about sales for introverts. (It’s a good one by the way)

Within 24 hours of recommending the book I received another Facebook message from our troubled entrepreneur…

He explained to me that after reading the first chapter of the book he found what he was looking for. And, he was able to make a deal which resulted in $2000 of revenue.

One chapter within a book resulted in $2000 revenue, that’s a significant ROI on his $13 investment.

The fact is, if you find yourself stuck most likely the information you need is a book away.

You can find out my top 31 books at the link below, (and yes, the Introvert’s Edge is one of them)


Final Thoughts…

I want to congratulate you and thank you for taking time out of your day to read this issue of the Growth Marketing Hot Sheet. Stay tuned for the next one and keep growing.

Omari Broussard

10X Strategies LLC.

(Check me out on Facebook: @theomaribroussard)

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Omari Broussard

Omari's a retired Navy Chief turned Entrepreneur and die hard Marketer. He's on a mission to break norms and double the size of 1,000 small businesses. When away from his business, you can find him learning from his mentors and spending time with his family. Hint: He loves Hennessy XO and Tacos ;-)

Omari Broussard

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